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Lacey Stone
Lacey Stone (Photo: Stephanie Mathis)

By Briana Rognlin for

We’re big fans of lifting weights, but many women are still confused about exactly what to do in the gym to manage our weight and keep a lean physique. Some fitness plans discourage lifting heavy weights to prevent getting too bulky or masculine, while others say we should lift more.

We talked to Lacey Stone, a New York City and Hollywood fitness expert who wants us to get clear on why lifting light weights won’t get you skinny, and why getting strong is the new sexy:

What’s wrong with the messages women are getting about how to stay fit and lift weights? There’s so much information out there that women almost feel helpless, and don’t know what’s the truth anymore: It’s gotten so out of hand with the media that you can literally google ‘lifting weights for women’ and one person will say you’ll get bulky, and another person will say it’s good for you. In general, I just think there’s way too much fear for women around lifting weights and looking masculine.

Where do these myths in women’s fitness come from? There’s a lot of marketing to sell products that associate particular celebrities with certain types of workouts. We hear ‘this celebrity got this body from this workout,’ but if you look at the celebrity before the workout…they pretty much look the same! So…I’m not so sure it was the workout that did it for them.

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