Lady Gaga brings custom-made SoulCycle bikes on tour

Lady Gaga's wardrobe trunks will share cargo space with two custom-made SoulCycle bikes as she travels the world on her "Born this Way Ball" tour.
Lady Gaga soulcycle bikes
Will Gaga's spin outfits be as creative as the one she wore to Bikram?


According to, Lady Gaga’s wardrobe trunks will have to share cargo space with two custom-made SoulCycle bikes while she travels the world on her “Born this Way Ball” tour.

Gaga has been doing “back to back” spin classes using the bikes (which cost upwards of $2,200 each, according to Refinery 29), and trading cheeseburgers for salads to get in shape for the tour.

We’re wondering: Who’s riding next to her on the second bike? We’ll have to keep an eye out for superstar Soul instructors who are suddenly missing from the schedule.

(Also, is Gaga over Bikram, or just sampling another means of getting as sweaty as possible?)

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