Lady Gaga’s newest investment in meat (Hint: It’s not a dress)

Lady Gaga invests in Vince & Eddie's, an American comfort food restaurant on the Upper West Side. Will this topple her tofu-hummus diet?
Lady Gaga restaurant
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According to, Lady Gaga is adding restaurateur to her resume with a recent investment in Vince & Eddie’s, an Upper West Side restaurant known for American comfort food. In unlikely Gaga fashion, she has decided to remain a “silent” partner in the business, even though the investment technically makes her part-owner.

Hopefully her low-profile involvement means means that the mega-star won’t be ditching her tofu and hummus for a steady diet of Spaghetti Bolognese and Guinness Stout Beef Stew.

If she does, at least she can sweat some of it out in Bikram. After all, Gaga’s only 24, and her pop-icon predecessor, Madonna, didn’t become a health and fitness role model until she had a few more years under her belt.

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