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Let’s be honest: There’s nothing Zen about starting your day with an alarm clock blaring in your face. Who ever thought being scared out of your sheets was a good idea, anyway? Instead of being jolted from a peaceful slumber, self-care guru and Well+Good Council member Latham Thomas‘s idea of rising involves something a lot more soothing: chimes.

“Alarm—the word ‘alarm.’ We’re setting this thing like two feet away from our head. There are all kinds of other things you can use to wake yourself up instead.” —Latham Thomas

“Alarm—the word ‘alarm.’ We’re setting this thing like two feet away from our heads. There are all kinds of other things you can use to wake yourself up instead,” the Mama Glow founder said during a panel at the New York City–set W.E.L.L. Summit in early November. And she’s on to something—why would you start your day using an object that shares a name with a totally stressful emotional state?

Still, since you can’t leave your rising time to chance, try hacking the wake-up tool by setting the sound to something a little less…alarming: “Maybe there’s a little chime that goes off 30 minutes before you have to get up. Then, another one that goes off 15 minutes before,” Thomas suggested.

And, before you really have to get going, start your day with a little self-care before your feet (or cozy, luxe slippers) even hit the floor.  “Before you get out of bed, have your journal next to you so you can reflect and put things down that you’re grateful for,” she said.  “Or, you might want to practice what I call “beditation,” where you just lay down in bed and can talk to yourself and to your body before you just jump up.”

No matter what routine will positively prep you best for the healthy day ahead, Thomas claims nothing about your morning should be based around “alarm”—the object or the emotional state. So instead of rushing through your routine, take things slowly—and most definitely switch the wake-up noise on your smartphone to something more peaceful ASAP.

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