Laugh-worthy fitness tips and fads

Crying three times a day will lead to a six pack, and other ridiculous fitness advice and fads that will make you laugh—but won't get you fit.
Funny fitness tips

By Erica House for

While flipping through the latest issue of Self Magazine last weekend, I came across what could be the most ludicrous and asinine fitness advice I’ve read in years. Tatayana Ali (a.k.a. the little sister, Ashley, on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) told Self that she cries three times a day as part of her workout regime. She claims crying helps her zero in on her core muscles and get those sleek six-pack abs that most people stick to foolish techniques like eating healthy and exercising hard for.

After my initial shock wore off—I literally had to read it about half a dozen times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me—I started to think about other ridiculous fitness and diet tips that have been popular despite an utter lack of evidence. With a little recall and a little research, I’ve compiled a list of favorites. Tapeworm for two, anyone?

Gyrate your way fit. With the Hawaii chair! This not-so-vintage workout machine claimed it could increase your core strength as you are perpetually gyrating in a circle while sitting across from your co-workers (who are likely extremely uncomfortable with your pelvic motions).

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