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Alex Jamieson

You probably recognize Alexandra Jamieson from “Super Size Me,” in which her approach to clean eating helped Morgan Spurlock undo the fast-food damage he had done to his body.

Now, the holistic nutrition counselor and vegan chef is using her star power to bring together a group of 15 healthy living experts in a series called “Alex Jamieson’s Ultimate Health Master Class.”

The series of classes, which runs from January 7–14 and is free to listen to online or by phone, features Latham Thomas discussing how to own your glow power, Dr. Sara Gottfried busting sex and hormone myths, Holli Thompson helping you discover your nutritional style, and much more.

“I came up with these Ultimate Health Master Classes to really help you get to the root of how you can begin feeling whole, healthy, and happy right now,” Jamieson says on her site. Who doesn’t want that for 2013?

For more information or to sign up (it’s free), visit