Lena Dunham and friends share their “non-resolutions”

lena-dunham-non-resolutionsWhile we’ve all been busy jotting down our resolutions (or, ahem, intentions) for the new year, Lena Dunham, along with friends-of-Lenny—think Aidy Bryant and Kathryn Hahn—have been focusing on their “non-resolutions” instead.

What’s a non-resolution, you ask? It’s a decision to embrace your quirky, imperfect self, instead of looking for ways to change. (Which, come to think of it, sure sounds a lot like our #iamwellandgood initiative.) You’re decidedly putting your foot down on one or two non-negotiable habits that make you who you are—including choosing French fries over salad whenever you damn well please, like Lena.

To inspire your own non-resolutions, we picked a few of our favorites from the bunch:

Lena Dunham: In case you’re curious, I resolve not to order salad instead of fries if what I truly want is fries and not having fries will cause me to shove the salad around with my fork and feel sorry for myself and then eat three servings of Tasti-D and take a nap. The fries may, in the end, SAVE me trouble. So I will have my fries. Also, what about a new restaurant policy: fries unless I say otherwise.

Kathryn Hahn: I will continue to not be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., print out my photos and put them in albums, and cross out to-do lists in my Filofax. And will continue to get shit for it and not give a shit.

Ericka Naegle: In 2016, I will hold firmly on to my personal aversion to yoga.

Aidy Bryant: (1) I’m going to keep accidentally sleeping in makeup and then wearing it the next day. I woke up like this … and then fixed it a little, and now I’m gonna live my damn life. (2) This is not just for 2016, this is a lifelong non-resolution, but I will never, ever stop ordering a grilled cheese on Seamless, which I could VERY easily make myself. Hate on, haters.

Dianca London: I will continue to pay the membership fee for a gym that I haven’t gone to since fall 2014, and I will continue to talk to my cats as if they are certified therapists.

Let us know in the Comments section below: What’s your non-resolution for 2016? And then show us by joining our #iamwellandgood program!

(Photo: Instagram/@lenadunham)

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