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6 Leo Traits That Make the Fire Sign so Lit

Tamim Alnuweiri

Tamim AlnuweiriJuly 24, 2018

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Leos have a combination of personality traits that make them one of the more oft-discussed zodiac signs. Charismatic, confident, and a tad bit controlling, you definitely have at least a few of these types leading your women’s circle,  book club, or even social circle.

The fire sign’s season (July 23 until August 22) encompasses the dog days of summer, which is why it might seem like an especially lit member of the zodiac. (Barack Obama is a Leo—enough said.) Personally, this zodiac sign produces my favorite people to be around, even if they do tend to wear me, a card-carrying introvert, down with the sheer impact of their energy.

Not sure what makes a Leo a Leo? Below, 6 of this zodiac sign’s most notable traits, most of which (but not all, because ain’t nobody perfect) make them legit fire.

1. Leos are often described as having a magnetic personality.

Being charismatic is just in Leo’s nature. People seem to just be drawn to them, which makes it really easy for them to make friends. They can’t help but be the most popular person in the room (and the zodiac)!

2. Leos are caring and generous to the people in their life.

Since they’re so sociable, Leos tend to have pretty expansive friend groups—and those friends often consider Leo’s nurturing spirit and generosity to be among their most admirable traits. I liken my Leo friends to golden retrievers; they’re loyal, fun, and always game to accompany you (or, more commonly pull you) on an adventure.

3. Leos like to have things their way.

Leos are confident in their opinions and convictions, which means that they’re more likely to be described as controlling than as someone who can go with the flow. They also might be a bit stubborn when it comes to allowing for other ideas to coexist alongside theirs but honestly, I’d kill for a fraction of their certainty and swagger.

4. Leos are almost too honest. 

The concept of a white lie is not one Leos are familiar or comfortable with. They believe in complete and utter honesty, which yes, can come off as excessive bluntness; however, I believe it’s critical to have at least one person in your life who can tell it like it is, and Leos are born for the role.

5. People tend to be surprised by how active and busy Leos are.

Given that the star sign is ruled by the sun, if Leos had a mantra, it’d likely be “rise, shine, grind.” Their days are filled with cross-town social and professional obligations and workout classes, just the way they like it. Busy gives Leo a buzz, and the people they drag along with them a hangover. Still, their get-up-and-go can be inspiring to watch and emulate.

6. Leos often find themselves feeling impatient. 

A combination of their active lifestyles and their strongly held opinions means that not only are Leos extremely productive, but they’re restless, too. But hey! Small price to pay for getting stuff done.

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