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Raw carob coconut squares
(Photo: Snack Smarter)

Raw carob and coconut squares
Make a batch and freeze ’em for a delicious afternoon treat. —Fit Bottomed Eats

Marathon, schmarathon
What less than an hour of jogging per week can do for your health. —Prevention

Meatless Monday (and Tuesday?) inspiration
9 vegetarian recipes you’ll love. —Life by DailyBurn

The Thought Cleanse
Ridding your mind of all negative thoughts is just as hard as subsisting on juice. —XO Jane

Bring the barre home—or anywhere, really
Try this travel-friendly resistance band routine. —

Rise and really shine
How to become an early riser. —Fit Foodie Runs

“I’m a gluten-free, sugar-free, vitamin-popping vegan.”
Why bragging about healthy eating habits is a bad idea. —Huffington Post 

How to add zest without wasting the whole lemon
And other kitchen hacks that are really, really brilliant. —Self