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Jayesa Devoe


The youngest yoga teacher in America is a 12-year-old from Cali
Maybe surf and sun are the key to a well-rounded child? —

More sleep, better sex, and an all-around good mood
19 reasons to get fit that have nothing to do with a bikini. —Huffington Post

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What they’re in, why they’re bad, and how to avoid them. —Prevention

5 tips to start an urban garden
Grow your own herbs—even if you don’t live in the suburbs. —

Try this: Lemony asparagus risotto
Refreshing, filling, and totally springy. —Choosing Raw

Forget your headphones at home?
You may be better off working out to the sound of your own heartbeat. —WSJ

5 common mistakes people make in yoga
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The Spring Cleaning Workout
Drop and give us five loads of laundry!—Self