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(Photo: Crunchy Radish)
Crunchy Radish J-Pen
(Photo: Crunchy Radish)

We share the most interesting food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our partners and friends around the web. Here’s what’s happening this week.

A delicious immunity-boosting chicken soup
Is that photo not convincing enough? —Crunchy Radish

Bros are in serious danger
The funniest case ever for ditching artificial-ingredient-laced protein drinks. —Ad Week

DIY lavender laundry soap
Never buy chemical-y detergent again. —

7 kettlebell moves for beginners 
This step-by-step guide will get you swinging in no time. —Self

How much sodium is there in a Chipotle Veggie Bowl?
According to The New York Times’ calculations, more than you thought. —NYTimes 

What does it take to make Bob Harper cry?
The fitness trainer shares the hardest workout he’s ever done. —Life by DailyBurn

Nestle will remove artificial colors and flavors from its chocolate
This includes the revamp of over 75 recipes. —BBC