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salt shaker

Americans are flavoring their food with a lot of salt
A few healthier—and tastier—ways to season your dinner. —Self

How often should you take a breather?
The optimum work-to-rest ratio to add into your HIIT routine. —Prevention

Kale massaged with with peanut butter
Yes, please. —Choosing Raw

Bread shaming is a thing
Have you ever felt all eyes on you as you reach for the basket? —ELLE

Did you spend the last 3 months warming your toes at home?
7 ways to ease back into fitness. —

Walk and talk
9 ways to move more that don’t involve a treadmill desk. —Huffington Post

Spinach-artichoke dip that’s good for you?
More beans, less cheese. —Into The Gloss

Dermablend’s new campaign conceals to reveal
It’s about getting comfortable with your own skin. —Birchbox