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A bunch of kids show off their yoga moves 
Prepare to be amazed. —New York Magazine

Detoxifying kale salad recipe
You’ll want to eat this for lunch and dinner. —The Healthy Apple

How SoulCycle inspires cult-like devotion
Founders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler dish. —The Coveteur 

Make room for your foam roller, boxing gloves, and spin shoes
These space-saving hacks are brilliant. —Domino

The crazy loophole that gives food brands lots of freedom
What “generally recognized as safe” really means. —NPR

Give your seasonal smoothie an extra boost 
These fruits and veggies will fire up your metabolism. —Self

7 crazy things people do in their sleep
Just about everything but a three-minute plank. —Prevention

How to clean your make-up tools
It’s absolutely necessary. —Birchbox

5 tips for killer pull-ups
Start with a firm grip. —

(Photo: Gus Powell for NY Magazine)