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Kylie Minogue in "Sexercise"
Kylie Minogue in “Sexercise”


Kylie Minogue’s new “Sexercise” video
This is not the way we learned to thigh dance in barre class. (Note: Not Safe For Work. Or Pilates balls.) —YouTube

The pedicure primer
Follow these guidelines to make sure your freshly-polished toes aren’t treated to an infection, too. —Huffington Post

Honey…how sweet it is!
Is it a miracle health cure? Self

9 natural ways to get rid of bags under your eyes
Stop looking so tired (and get more sleep, please). —

Even more conscious contraception with Dr. Christiane Northrup 
There’s no such thing as “too much” information about birth control. —

10 weird organic food facts
Why you’ll never see the term on fish, and more. —Prevention

30 ways to welcome spring
If we promise to stop watching television, will the weather cooperate? —Hello Giggles

All the coffee pods used in 2013 could wrap around the earth 10.5 times
The convenience is so not worth the plastic waste. —

12 natural ways to cure eczema
Why would you want to put all those chemicals on irritated skin, anyway? —Dr Frank Lipman