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Apple store
(Photo: Design Taxi)

The coolest apple store we’ve ever seen
You won’t find a single MacBook or iPhone. —Design Taxi

14 surprising ways to use hummus
Think of it as the easiest way to add a spoonful of protein to anything. —Prevention

When was the last time you evaluated your texting posture?  
Look up for a moment and check out what it’s doing to your spine. —The Science of Us

How to pick the perfect pillow
“Is this fluffy enough?” is not the only important question. —Huffington Post

Recipe: Warm Brown Rice and Lentil Salad with kale and lemon
Filling and totally delicious. —The Honour System

Make your own good-for-you mascara
Really. — Wellness Mama

Tata Harper’s tips for organic skincare newbies
The beauty guru definitely knows what she’s talking about. —Birchbox

The real reason you’re always sore
Magnesium deficiency is more common than you think. —Life by DailyBurn