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verily magazine desk workout routine
Sneak in a quick workout at your desk (Photo: Verily Magazine)

Sneaky ways to get fit at your desk
Jumping jacks in your cubicle could totally distract your co-workers. —Verily

3-ingredient bug repellent
Keep pesky critters away with this DIY, natural formula. —Organic Authority

Your reps on caffeine 
Can coffee take your workout to the next level? —Self

The debate over social media yoga posers
Is showing off warrior III in heels inspiring or less than yogic? —NYPost

Stars’ health issues—they’re just like us
11 public figures who will make you rethink what you know about anxiety disorders. —Huffington Post

9 pain-fighting foods
Adding ginger into your juice can do wonder on sore muscles. —Prevention

Get sweaty in the sand
The beach-friendly routine you can try this weekend. —

See the sun, and feel it, too
4 ways to get healthy sun exposure—and Vitamin D. —Dr. Frank Lipman