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Adidas Instagram prints
(Photo: Adidas via Instagram)

Wear your #selfie on your feet
Adidas will now print your Instagram shots onto your sneakers. —Refinery29

Pop quiz!
How much do you know about skin cancer? —Self

Things that go ‘boom!’ in the night
One man dishes on life with Exploding Head Syndrome. —Science of Us 

6 ways to work out when you absolutely, positively don’t want to
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Should your boss give you paid Menstrual Leave?
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10 things to do with old t-shirts 
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An explanation for unexplained headaches
Nighttime teeth-grinding can have some serious effects. —Huffington Post

Super-hearty enchiladas 
Swapping goat cheese for cashew cheese makes these a vegan power meal. —Choosing Raw

My polish has WHAT in it?
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