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Link Love: Winter Olympics edition

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Be at the Olympics without traveling to Sochi
33 Instagram accounts that take you behind the scenes.—Buzzfeed

Tune in and tone up!
Did your favorite athlete set a new world record? That’s 50 lunges!—

Swiss ball roll-out
How hockey star Hilary Knight gets rock solid abs.—Self

Meet the first lady of Olympic ski jumping
Jessica Jerome is getting ready to make history. —Huffington Post

The 18 weirdest team uniforms in history
Some of these countries wore their flags a bit too loudly.—Racked

Their win is your win
Why mirror-neurons have you glued to the TV this week.—Organic Authority

Fueling the U.S. Women’s Hockey team
It’s a full time job requiring lots and lots of yogurt runs.—NYTimes

Slopestyle athletes do yoga
How they use their mats to stay calm on their boards.—Yoga Dork

Make your Kindle more inspirational
5 former Olympians share the books that got them motivated for game day.—

So many winter sports, so little time
Watch every vital moment, without touching your TiVo.—NYMag