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Yoga on the subway
(Photo: @mystiquezen via Instagram)

Why grab a seat when you can test your balance in tree pose?
Train-traveling yogis are the new subway dancers. —Gothamist

Attention, Whole Foods shoppers…
Step away from the peanut butter (there’s a recall). —L.A. Weekly 

Meet Quincy Symonds, the six-year-old surfer
You’re going to feel like you should have accomplished more by now… —Daily Mail

The trendy new way pet owners are feeding their pups
Will feeding them raw make them growl? —Prevention

5 common running injuries
And how to avoid them. —Huffington Post

May I take you out for a skydive?
Dinner and a movie won’t cut it anymore. —Life by DailyBurn

Fancy vegan truffles
Impress your guests (and your taste buds). —Choosing Raw