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Lolë’s fall collection has you covered

Lolë, outerwear
(Photos: Lolë)


Fall brings some really nice things—layers, leaves, lattes!

Luckily, fitness fashion brand Lolë thought about all of those extra layers that come with the changing season with its its new fall collection.

From bright and light outerwear (something the Montreal-based design team is known for) to gym bags that turn into backpacks, here are a few pieces that will make the transition into fall a little easier, warmer—and cuter. —Molly Gallagher


Packables: Emily Jacket ($119) and Rose Vest ($79)

Lolë’s packables are your outerwear bestie until May. The reversible Emily Jacket has Downglow 600 insulation and design details to avoid that Michelin Man look. (Hooray!) Ditto the The Rose Vest. Both come in bright pink, purple, or black—all with cool, contrasting zippers, and thoughtfully structured seams at the waist to reduce bulk. And you can pack them into a pouch that comes with the jacket, perfect for midday temperature slumps to fitting everything neatly into a tiny gym locker.

Lole_Lily Tote

Lily Tote Bag, $120
Okay, it’s officially time to put down the beach tote. This nylon carryall gets fall’s “all-star gym bag” status. You can literally haul everything in it—laptop, spin shoes, and even your beauty kit and office heels, which makes it great for riding your bike to work. Plus it converts into a book bag and has a compartment for your yoga mat (oh, the possibilities).

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(Photos: Lolë)