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(Photo: Barrecore)

Wellness concierge in London books your workouts and juice deliveryIt’s no secret that London’s having a serious fitness moment, with healthy hotspots like Barry’s Bootcamp, Barrecorre, and Lululemon spreading out across the city faster than you can say Trafalgar Square.

One sharp Brit is taking note. Bex Fairbrother, a wellness aficionado and former New York City resident, saw the health and fitness scene creeping across the pond and decided to launch Well Aware, a wellness concierge service.

“When I came back to London, I noticed a huge shift in attitude and in what people were willing to pay for for their workouts,” the fit 27-year-old says. “I mean, you can get a green juice on every block. I knew it was the time to set up the company.”

Like New York’s SIN Workouts, Fairbrother curates and books wellness services for her clients—from your boutique fitness classes and spa services to meal delivery programs and juice cleanses—all based on her knowledge of the city’s health scene and your personal preferences.

Most of Well Aware’s clients are time poor but affluent. “They often have demanding jobs and want to be healthy” but don’t have the time to make it happen, says Fairbrother, who formerly did public relations for Tinder and was a freelance health writer.

While she’s designed three-month packages like bridal- and stress-reduction programs (starting at £3000), she also offers a bespoke weekend travel program called Jet, Sweat, and Reset (from £200) for visitors to London.

So if you’re staying in Chelsea on business, for example, you could have her book you a spin class and a facial nearby and arrange for cold-pressed juice to be sent to your hotel room.

Fish and chips, who? —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Top, Barrecore; Bex Fairbrother via Well Aware)