Loopasana reinvents the yoga strap

No more "hitting yourself in the head with the buckle" issue. Loopasana has reinvented the simplest of yoga props. And it's pretty brilliant.
(Photo: Loopasana.com)


A yoga strap may seem like the most basic of props. But a new company, Loopasana, has reinvented it with just a few simple innovations. And it’s pretty brilliant.

Loopasana is also a mat carrier!

The new strap is not a strap but a “loop,” and instead of a buckle, it has an adjustable knot.

This eliminates the whole “hitting yourself in the head with the buckle” issue some of us face in certain poses, and the knot allows for more control and easier adjustments.

It’s also lighter than a traditional strap.

You can use the loop for reclined leg stretch, of course, but it comes with instructions for 15 different “configurations” that allow you to go deeper in a ton of poses.

A bonus? One of the configurations doubles as a mat carrier, for toting your mat on the subway.

As of right now, no studios or stores in New York City stock Loopasana, but (we are hoping) that may change soon.

Loopasana, $19.95–$29.95 (depending on the size) at www.loopasana.com

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