Lululemon founder steps down from leading role

Chip Wilson is resigning from his spot at the helm of Lululemon. That is probably a good thing.
Chip Wilson

The Vancouver Sun reported this week that Lululemon founder and CEO, Chip Wilson, will step down from his post as “chief innovation and branding officer” on January 29th (but remain chairman of the board).

No offense, Chip, but this may be the best thing you’ve done for Luon in a long time.

Wilson’s “innovations” in the last year have included missteps like using Lulu’s shopping bags as billboards for Ayn Rand ideology, okay-ing a line of tutus, and adding a preponderance of ruffles to some otherwise awesome tops, tanks, and pants.

Christine Day will succeed him as CEO. She was previously at Starbucks. Should we stand by for Groove-pant wearing baristas serving lattes next to the dressing rooms?

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