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Lululemon holiday love notes add seasonal spice to your inbox

Lululemon postcardsLululemon sent out an email blast this morning with the Michael Scott catch-phrase “That’s what she said” in the Subject line.

She, it turns out, has been saying all kinds of spicy things, and Lulu created holiday postcards for you to share featuring all of the various sayings. You can email, Facebook, or tweet them at your BFF or main squeeze.

They range from sweet and romantic (“Yoga is Love” and “Unroll your mat beside me”) to promotional/practical (“Let’s wear Luon to Christmas Dinner”) to suggestive (“Let’s make an anatomically correct snowman” and “You. Me. Santa’s Knee. Now.”)

Would you send one? Check out the cards and let us know. Or tell us which one’s your fave (for any reason), in the Comments area, below. A few gave us a serious chuckle…