Lululemon launches an app for finding yoga classes

With Om Finder, Lululemon is getting into a new business: yoga apps.

Lululemon is getting into a new business: yoga apps.

The company is set to launch Om Finder tomorrow, April 11, a free app that provides a national map of yoga classes, so Luon fans can find a place to roll out their mats wherever they go.

Currently, Lululemon stores act as a promotional hub for local studios, with free community classes and a bulletin board for studio flyers.

Om Finder will be broader in scope. Although, as its name suggests, it will be dedicated exclusively to yoga (no boot camps or spinning, sorry).

Its listings will be generated by Mindbody, a popular yoga studio booking software. Yoga studios that don’t use Mindbody can submit their studio for inclusion after the app launches.

No word on whether you’ll be able to book classes directly from the app or if you’ll be taken to the studios’ individual booking sites. Either way, Lululemon could be stepping on some yoga-promoting toes.

However, the digital move places the apparel giant into competition with a host of recently-launched small tech start-ups on the find-and-book fitness scene, like GoRecess, Classtivity, and most of all, Fitmapped.

“We think Om Finder sounds like a fun gimmick for Lululemon, but if it’s based solely on Mindbody then its not going to be comprehensive, and we believe that fitness-finding apps are only as useful as they are comprehensive,” says Fitmapped co-founder Anita Mirchandani.

Of course, if Lululemon finds that the left-out studios aren’t submitting their own listings, it may decide to fill in the gaps itself, and it certainly has the resources to do so.

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