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Lululemon adLast Friday, we clicked over to Lululemon’s website expecting a drool-worthy tour through new yoga tanks as we awaited the onset of the weekend. But there was a serious surprise waiting for us.

The homepage was decked out with bizarrely staged photos of Lululemon ambassador Jenn Thiel in her birthday suit, looking, well, frightened.

Thiel’s naked yogi-marathoner physique was set against a stormy background and positioned against an ice sculpture, and photos of her were inserted into other normal ads placed on the site, without much explanation.

Accompanying text that read “We’re with you, Kes,” only confused us more, and we finished out the week scratching our heads.

Thankfully, Montreal resident, Roseanne Harvey, the blogger behind It’s All Yoga Baby, solved the riddle. The ads were a spoof to show solidarity with Vancouver Canuck Ryan Kesler’s upcoming nude photo shoot in ESPN Magazine.

Wait, who?

I guess we’ll just have to leave the laughs to the Canadians this time. Next time Lulu tries to be funny, hopefully we’ll be in on the joke.