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Mandy Moore's old-school de-stressing trick Pin It
Photo: Hannah Kwagh

In times of stress, there are a lot of ways to cope—you can withdraw for some much-needed alone time, do some breathing meditations, or book a boxing class ASAP (just me?). But when you’re a celebrity, it’s tougher because everything you do is scrutinized…which can take your anxiety levels even higher.

You won’t find Mandy Moore hiding out solo, though—the This Is Us star and musician is all about turning to her girlfriends for a stress-busting therapy sesh.

“I am a big proponent of talking it out,” Moore says. “I feel better when I’m allowed to just have a conversation with a girlfriend to get some perspective. Just to have someone there as a sounding board I find really important—it’s encouraging and makes you feel less alone.”

“I feel better when I’m allowed to have a conversation with a girlfriend to get some perspective.”


That’s a major reason why Moore has joined forces with Her Life, Her Adventures—a campaign that’s about raising women’s awareness surrounding birth control and family planning options. (“It’s about building a community and opening a dialogue amongst women,” she says.)

The power of being surrounded by your BFFs is a powerful thing, after all. That’s why women’s circles are such a thing—whether you do them a la Nina Dobrev (poolside, with face masks) or host one for a special occasion like a solstice, you can’t deny how good it feels to just vent your frustrations among your lady friends. “It makes you feel less alone, like ‘Wow, we’re all in the same boat,'” notes Moore. “We all have the same fears or obstacles.”

Well, maybe not the exact same obstacles—Mandy, if you need to talk about what it’s like to have Milo Ventimiglia as an on-screen husband, I’m here for you.

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