Marathoners convalesce at the Four Seasons Miami

Five-star hotels are no longer just courting CEOs or yogis who want amenities with their yoga retreats. Their newest target clients? Marathon runners.
Four Seasons Miami
Who wouldn't want to float around in here after running 26.2?

Five-star hotels are no longer just courting CEOs and yogis wanting five-star amenities with their retreats.

Their newest target clients? Marathon runners.

The Four Seasons Miami is now offering a “Stay, Run, Eat” package ($325 per night) for travelers participating in the ING Miami Marathon on January 29. (The race was still open when we last checked!)

The Four Seasons package includes a basic room, a “pre-race snack of energy bars, fruit, and Gatorade,” and a “special welcome amenity.” (Is it deodorant?)

After the race, runners get half-off the brunch at Edge Steak and Bar, the hotel’s “contemporary” steakhouse. Umm…okay, a juicy cut of steak is not exactly the most recommended post-race recovery meal. Might we recommend half-off a Sports Massage at the spa. And then another one?

But why shouldn’t runners flop down on a feather-topped bed at the Four Seasons for a few days and float in the pool till they can feel their legs again? We could totally see this kindly form of convalescence catching on.

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