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Marathoners convalesce at the Four Seasons Miami

Four Seasons Miami
Who wouldn't want to float around in here after running 26.2?

Five-star hotels are no longer just courting CEOs and yogis wanting five-star amenities with their retreats.

Their newest target clients? Marathon runners.

The Four Seasons Miami is now offering a “Stay, Run, Eat” package ($325 per night) for travelers participating in the ING Miami Marathon on January 29. (The race was still open when we last checked!)

The Four Seasons package includes a basic room, a “pre-race snack of energy bars, fruit, and Gatorade,” and a “special welcome amenity.” (Is it deodorant?)

After the race, runners get half-off the brunch at Edge Steak and Bar, the hotel’s “contemporary” steakhouse. Umm…okay, a juicy cut of steak is not exactly the most recommended post-race recovery meal. Might we recommend half-off a Sports Massage at the spa. And then another one?

But why shouldn’t runners flop down on a feather-topped bed at the Four Seasons for a few days and float in the pool till they can feel their legs again? We could totally see this kindly form of convalescence catching on.

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