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Bill de Blasio workout
(Photo: New York Times)

Before Bill de Blasio was the mayor of New York City, he acted like the mayor of the Prospect Park YMCA—but that apparently didn’t make him sweat nearly as much as his current job.

According to a recent New York Times article that followed him to one of his workout sessions, the mayor has made lots of friends over his years as a member of the Y and is emotional about leaving it as he relocates to Gracie Mansion. In terms of his actual exercise routine, though, The Times reporter observed him doing lots of stretches and cycling on a spin bike, all of which was characterized as “very light.” As in:

The most powerful elected official in New York City wouldn’t wow anyone with his feats of strength. He bikes at a middling speed, does not overdo it on the weight machines and barely seems to break a sweat, judging from a couple of recent routines. But he says showing up at the gym is an antidote for the exhaustion that comes with his job.

So while he may not be going to the CrossFit Games, it sounds like he’s definitely discovered the psychological benefits of exercise. And when he gets to Gracie, Mayor de Blasio said he’ll find a new place to exercise among everyday New Yorkers. Which kind of makes us think he may be the original sweat-worker. —Lisa Elaine Held

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