Meet 3 healthy snack brokers that deliver monthly

Is your mailbox the next stop for one of these happening healthy delivery services? We found three worth their salt in shipping.

Health-in-a-box companies have been popping up in a lot of mailboxes lately. The idea behind these delivery services is simple: Each month you get a curated box of healthy snacks and lifestyle items, like fitness accessories, for a small monthly fee.

All kick in some cool factor: Most boxes include a nutritionist’s picks (or are run by a celeb nutritionist!) and introduce you to new, healthy products. It’s a concept that’s worked well in the beauty world, for thriving companies like Birchbox.

Here’s what you need to know about three of the biggest health-in-a-box delivery services out there. —Lisa Elaine Held


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Renowned nutritionist Heather Bauer, author of Bread is the Devil, created Bestowed after she realized she was constantly recommending specific packaged foods to her clients.

“I wanted to introduce them to new products to keep them healthy, and to keep them excited,” says Bauer. “People get bored with the same cereal and the same bar week after week.”

So she hand selects Bestowed’s five mostly food-related monthly offerings—from Nature’s Path Smart Bran Cereal to 479 Black Truffle + White Cheddar Popcorn—and explains why she chose each item (e.g.: “ This is a great way to pack in fiber early in the day.”) and where to buy more.

We loved her minimally-processed picks—and that our box included a Physique 57 DVD.

Bestowed, $15 per month,






NatureBox is about totally replacing your Veggie Booty regimen with a bounty of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds—and each one has way more flair than your average bulk-food supermarket section.

Our delivery of about 6 snacks (totaling 15–20 servings) included new-to-us Peppery Pistachios and Smokey Pumpkin Seeds, both delicious (if addictive) yet completely free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors.

We could definitely get used to opening this parcel every monthly. But if you fall in love with Zingy Currants, there’s no way to stock up, since the products are not sold individually.

NatureBox, $19.95 per month,





Does your scale have wi-fi? This one does. It’s the smartest kid in its class, and it’ll help you reach your fitness goals with sophisticated data tracking.





Klutch Club

Klutch Club’s boxes organize healthy lifestyle products around a fun, feminine theme, like “Get Ready for Summer!” And it offers the most variety–with snacks, fitness swag, and beauty products.

But the offerings seem to be hit-or-miss. Our box included a chemical-packed “wrinkle-reducing” cream, a cheesy plastic water bottle, and a super-processed nutrition bar. But other months have featured a free month of online barre3 classes, antioxidant teas, and $25 Hyde Yoga gift certificates. Members also get access to discounts on future purchases of the featured products, so if you love the nutrition bar, you can buy a whole box at 15% off.

Bonus: Some of the proceeds go to monthly charity partners like Bright Pink and (RED).

Klutch Club, $16­–18 per month,



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