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Event recap: Mercedes Club fitness adventure with One Medical

Last Wednesday night 90 Well+Good readers poured into the gorgeous Mercedes Club for evening of rooftop fitness. Check out photos from the fabulous event.

Mercedes ClubLast Wednesday night 90 Well+Good readers poured into the gorgeous Mercedes Club for evening of rooftop fitness. Nearly $2,500 was raised for Health Corps!

Hosted by One Medical, readers could choose between three fitness experiences: dance cardio with Anna Kaiser, rooftop spin with Uplift’s Stephanie Nieman, and cardio kickboxing with Jacklyn Atkins.

Readers also mingled with One Medical doctors and had the opportunity to get three months free when they sign up for a year-long membership to One Medical. The whole Well+Good community now has access to that offer. Use code WGNYCOM3 for three free months at One Medical!

Photos: Lexi Moreland for Well+Good


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Anna KaiserAnna Kaiser, creator of AKT In Motion, along with two of her instructors, led a heart-pumping class. Music flooded the deck and several Mercedes Club members wondered if Anna could come back and teach regularly. Um, she more than a little busy with clients such as Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Anna KaiserAs the sun set, Anna taught her blend of dance cardio with serious stretching.


Anna KaiserJump! Anna definitely added to her fan base with many first timers flipping for her method and asking when an AKT In Motion studio is opening. Soon, soon.


Stephanie Nieman spinningMeanwhile, out on the north deck Stephanie Nieman of Uplift and Revolve taught a dreamy spin class.


Stephanie Nieman spinningReaders loved Stephanie’s upbeat teaching style, as well as her killer playlist.


Cardio kickboxingIndoors, in the light-flooded group fitness room, Golden Glove champion Jacklyn Atkins taught cardio kickboxing. Jacklyn is one of the Mercedes Club’s regular in-demand teachers.


Cardio kickboxingAfter Jacklyn’s class, plus experiencing the stunning views and space of the Mercedes Club, many readers were toying with joining the Mercedes Club at 54th and 11th!


Dr. Ron EnglertOnce everyone was all blissed out from their fitness class, One Medical’s Dr. Ron Englert taught everyone a simple breathing exercise. He spoke briefly about cortisol levels (stress!) and the parasympathic nervous system, giving readers a sense of how holistic One Medical’s philosophy is.


Dr. Ron Englert and Alexia BrueOne Medical’s Ron Englert and Alexia Brue, Well+Good co-founder, pal around at the after-party where readers mingled and enjoyed food from Chobani and Health Warrior, and tea from Plan Tea.


One MedicalWell+Good’s Rosa Levitan (center) with two One Medical doctors.


Mercedes ClubPayal Kadakia, founder of Classtivity, won a three-month membership to the Mercedes Club. As if she doesn’t have enough fitness classes to attend! But the fitness aficionado, who lives just blocks from the Mercedes Club, was thrilled.


Dr. Ron EnglertRon Englert took time to meet Well+Good readers after the event.


#14GoodybagsAll attendees received Well+Good tote bags filled with natural beauty swag from Marie Veronique Organics, Jurlique, and SpaRitual!