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We ignored Mike”the Situation” Sorrentino for as long as we could. For the blissfully unaware, “the Situation” is a reality TV cheeseball on The Jersey Shore who’s known for his chiseled six-pack and not a lot else.  He is to abs as Kim Kardashian is to butts and he’s managed to parlay a single body part into an astonishingly lucrative career (he’s set to earn $5 million in 2010). Ahh, the American dream at work.

His latest endorsement came to our attention via Refinery29. “The Situation” is now shilling for Devotion vodka, a “bodybuilder’s vodka.” This vodka isn’t about flavor or taste, it’s about additives normally found at a muscle-head juice bar. The vodka is laced with Casein, a milk protein extract rich with amino acids and peptides. It’s the same protein found in a glass of milk. Question for “The Situation”: if you’re passionate about the importance of protein and peptide, why not do a Got Milk spot? We’re guessing that the Got Milk folks weren’t offering $400K. If nothing else, the Situation should team up with like-minded fitness vodka pusher David Barton.