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Mindbody connection suffers shortage this week

(Photo: Flickr/JuditK)

Technology is the antithesis of yoga, right? Well, unless you can’t remember if your Tuesday class is at 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. and the schedule won’t load on your iPhone.

That’s what happened to many New Yorkers this week when Mindbody Online, the primary scheduling software used by yoga and fitness studios, experienced a network shortage, which they attributed to a major attack on web companies across the globe.

“The attack is affecting hundreds of companies, not just Mindbody,” the company posted on Facebook. “We are implementing countermeasures with our security provider, and service should be improving.”

Mindbody tweet

Mindbody rep Jennifer Saxon said that 300 businesses in NYC (60 of which are yoga studios) use the software and were possibly affected. We heard folks at Barry’s Bootcamp and Bend & Bloom discussing the issues, and YogaWorks sent out an email blast linking to an alternate source of class schedules.

Mindbody is now running smoothly, with more security features in place to avoid future attacks. “These additional precautions have made our system even more secure and reliable,” said Saxon.

So was the fitness and yoga world thrown into chaos and rage as they dealt with four days of overbooked sessions and a flood of client phone calls?

Umm…not exactly. While some users posted slightly-peeved comments on their Facebook page (“SO frustrating. I don’t have time to troubleshoot when I’m also seeing patients.” and “Slow, slow, and more slow.”),  most of the comments were expressions of support. “You deserve a PARTY!!!” and “Big hugs” and “You have a great product/service, it’s worth the wait!” are just a few examples.

Mindbody TweetMindbody should be thanking its lucky stars that its clients are overflowing with endorphins and yogic calm.

Did the Mindbody crash affect your workouts this week? Tell us, in the Comments below.