5 ways to hold onto your summer bliss like a mindfulness expert


As summer winds down, Summer Fridays come to an end, and temps start to drop, it can be crazy hard to keep a sunny attitude and roll with fall’s more amped-up pace.

“In the summer, there’s a cultural acceptance around stepping back a bit and being more relaxed,” explains cool-girl meditation guru and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein. “So the moment Labor Day is over, we go back to that conditioned behavior where we have to make a lot happen to feel like we’re achieving things.” Which is exactly why she’s hosting a special meditation workshop in Montauk on Sunday, September 6.

Miracles in Montauk will include an inspirational talk, followed by a Kundalini yoga class, all to prep your for the seasonal change and remind you how to maintain “sustainable stillness”—the concept of weaving meditative practices and moments throughout every single day, Bernstein explains.

“It’s about really learning when you’re out of that stillness, and how to tune back in,” she says. If you can’t make it to Montauk to hear her advice in person, here are a few tips she gave us for navigating that seasonal change and holding onto your summer bliss… at least until the first soul-crushing snowfall. —Amy Marturana

1. Absorb the shock. “You don’t have to dive in head first,” you can ease back into fall and its demands, Bernstein explains. Avoid over-scheduling yourself, or trying to do everything at once, so you don’t get overwhelmed. “You don’t want to feel shock going from a mellow way of being into a hectic state,” she says.

2. Renew your healthy vows. “If you developed a health and wellness practice this summer, whether it was a diet, fitness routine, or meditation practice, commit to another 90 days of it starting after Labor Day,” Bernstein recommends. Setting that intention now will hold you accountable, and it’ll feel more doable if you never stopped.

3. Set yourself up to win in the morning. “When it’s back to the business in the fall, start your day with a mantra, a daily affirmation, or meditation or practice,” she says. It should be the first thing you show up for, and will set the tone for your entire day, “so you don’t spin out.” You could also use a mindfulness app like Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie alarm clock app that’ll wake you up with some positive mojo.

4. Boost your immune system. During seasonal changes, people tend to get sick—and a bad cold can ruin anyone’s attitude. For a potent immunity boost, “eat more garlic, or juice garlic if you’re willing,” Bernstein recommends. She also likes oil of oregano: “It’s everything to me.” Drink more water, eat more alkaline foods, get a solid dose of vitamin C daily, and don’t fall victim to quick (yet preservative-packed) to-go meals because you’re so busy.

5. Create mindful moments each day. Set an alarm for the middle of the day to remind yourself to take a moment, Bernstein suggests. “It’s called a breath break.” Try this Kundalini breathing exercise: Breathe in through the nose for four quick strokes, and out for one long stroke. Repeat it for two minutes. “This will lower cortisol [the stress hormone], balance energy, reorganize the nervous system, and bring you back to a place of sustainable energy.”

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(Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein)


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