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Model talent: Ify and Maggie, the after pictures

Maggie Hinton (left) and Ify Walker

The results are in, and they’re ripped.

Last Thursday we told you about Ify Walker and Maggie Hinton, two New York City women who turned their bodies over to Ariane Hundt (creator of Slim & Strong and the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp) for eight weeks of tough love. Both had struggled for years with weight loss. Using the Wilhelmina Hot Body Contest as the quirky, yet inspiring goal, they each transformed their bodies in less than two months.

The results are dramatic yet the method was sane: A high protein, veggie heavy diet and targeted weight and cardio training.

The after pictures tell the story, along with the competition measurements below. A giddy Hinton said, “I loved seeing all of the fit and body-confident people there and knowing that I was one of those people now too.” And Walker enthused, “I lost 16 pounds; shed nearly 12 inches from my entire body; and have more energy than I’ve ever had before. And let’s just say my husband of 3 months – and my biggest cheerleader – certainly isn’t complaining!”

Ify Walker


Ify Walker eight weeks ago

Chest    Waist     Biceps    Hips     Thighs    Weight     Body Fat%

33.25       29          9.5         36           21            142.5            28.9


Chest    Waist     Biceps    Hips     Thighs    Weight     Body Fat%

30.5      25.5          9.0         33            20           126.5          23.8

Inches Lost: 11.75 (almost a foot!) – (2.75 arms, waist 4.5, hips 3, thighs 1)
Weight Lost: 16 pounds
Body Fat Lost: 5.1%
Pure Fat Lost: 10 pounds

Maggie Hinton

Maggie Hinton eight weeks ago

Inches lost: 9.5 (chest 1.5, arms, .5, waist 5.5, hips 1, thighs 1)
Weight lost: 12.5 lbs
Body fat lost: 4.6%
Pure fat lost: 10.3 lbs
Muscle loss: 2.5 lbs