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Moon Juice opens at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

(Photo: Moon Juice)
(Photo: Moon Juice)

Last week, Moon Juice, the popular indie brand with serious wellness cool factor, opened a location at the Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. And while it’s destined to become a hotspot for Angelenos, raw room service and cleanses are among a handful of offerings for hotel guests.

“We really match [the Ace Hotel] on so many levels,” Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon says, about the partnership. “We both have similar intentions of providing the best in health and wellness for people.”

(Photo: Moon Juice)
(Photo: Moon Juice)

This is the third spot for the out-of-this-world, cold-pressed juice bar, which has locations in Venice and Silver Lake. The theater-style kiosk will offer a rotating selection of juices, Moon Milks, tonics, and Cosmic Provisions (Bacon’s name for snacks like carrot cake with probiotic icing and fermented veggies), and seating at cafe-style tables.

Meanwhile, the Ace Hotel isn’t treating the juice purveyor as a tenant—it’s made the healthy items a hotel amenity, and guests will soon pop open their mini-bars to find Moon Juice stocked inside (buh-bye Tropicana), plus the juice will be offered at the hotel restaurant, rooftop pool, and via room service.

Part of the appeal for the Ace was Bacon’s fine dining background. “Everything at Moon Juice is created under the culinary lens,” says Ace Hotel chief brand officer Kelly Sawdon. “This is something we really get behind at Ace—the ability to offer a casual, yet high-end experience. These juice blends have flavor profiles that would surprise foodies.”

Could this be something all the Ace Hotels (and their famously cool lobbies filled with freelancers and hipsters) stock down the road?

Bacon won’t dish, but she’s not slowing down. In a moveable feast kind of way, she’s also rolling out Moon Rovers—small vehicles with glass-door refrigerators—over the next couple of weeks. They’ll orbit LA’s beaches and troll PCH, selling Moon Juice food, juice, Moon Milk, and supplements like vitamin C.

Just another way to grab a Moon Juice on planet earth. —Jamie McKillop

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