The Most Controversial Stories of 2015

Anula Pilates BodyIt’s been a big, buzzy wellness year with lots of cool things emerging for us to try, mull over, or talk with friends about at dinner.

And in case you’ve missed some of the coolest things that transpired (while making matcha smoothie bowls?), we’re highlighting our most popular articles of 2015 in categories like Good Advice and Good Food, plus this one, Most Controversial.

All of these “best-of” articles raised readers’ heart rates, making them click, comment wildly, and discuss.

Check out Well+Good’s Most Controversial stories from 2015, here:

1. Inside one of the most extreme cleanses on earth
Panchakarma, or intense cleanses done at Ayurveda spas, leave no toxin (or orifice) un-flushed. A stressed New Yorker shares what happens on her intense 28-day program.

2. Why more women are ditching the pill—and turning to “natural” birth control
If you’re great at following your iCal, this could be the perfect birth control method for you.

3. This stunning photo project will make you rethink what a Pilates body looks like
The co-founder of NYC’s Sixth Street Pilates proves that strength comes in many sizes.

4. Why healers are at war over dry needling
Physical therapists are performing a quickie version of the treatment acupuncturists train for thousands of hours to perform. How concerned should you be?

5. Taking mushrooms was the most spiritual experience of my life
More scientific research is looking at how meditation and “magic” mushrooms affect the brain in similar ways, creating “mystical experiences”—like mine.

What were we in a tizzy about last year? These were the most controversial articles of 2014—and here are the top 2015 books that helped push our wellness intelligence to a whole new level…



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