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morrissey concert

Update: Madison Square Garden reached out to us, and provided the following statement: “We changed the menu in the public areas for the show on Saturday night and didn’t make the same changes in the private areas. This was an oversight and will be fixed the next time.”

Last weekend, a group of concert-goers rocked out at Madison Square Garden while dining on spicy tuna rolls and beef sliders.The Smiths Meat Is Murder

This normally would have been fine (nutrition aside) if they weren’t at Morrissey’s vegan concert.

According to Gothamist, Madison Square Garden had originally agreed to turn the entire stadium into a vegan paradise the night of Morrissey’s show, but it didn’t actually follow through.

Attendees in corporate suites were served everything from shrimp tempura to cereal-crusted chicken fingers, “as Moz sang ‘Meat is Murder,’ and a disturbing video filled with PETA footage played behind him,” writes Gothamist.

Morrissey has yet to comment on the meaty menu change, but we’re pretty sure that when he does, it won’t be to sing the venue’s praises.  —Sarah Sarway

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(Photo: Jessica Pearson via Gothamist; The Smiths album “Meat is Murder”)