This kiwi smoothie proves that not all heroes wear capes

Healthy Harlequin
(Photo: Healthy Harlequin)

At Comic Con in New York City this October, a new kind of superhero made her debut.

Healthy Harlequin, the alter ego of Holly Chapman, doesn’t have powers that will help her fight crime, but she does strive to be a “slayer of bad health”—saving mere mortals from dairy-induced health issues and inspiring them with the simple recipes, tips, and workout routines on her website.

“I thought there was a real opportunity within the world of people who love superheroes and comics—being able to marry the worlds of comic arts with culinary arts,” says Chapman, who’s now represented by Next talent agency.

Healthy Harlequin’s primary focus is on making healthy cooking super easy (get it?), and she’s doing that by hosting an Instagram video series that teaches you how to make things like delicious almond milk and pumpkin puree. She’s also a huge fan of making smoothies, especially since they’re a “no-fuss” way to get lots of nutrients, she says.

This hydrating recipe made with kiwiberries (or regular kiwis, if you can’t find them), chia seeds, and coconut water is one of her go-to blends. Kiwiberries are in the kiwi family, Chapman explains, but “are generally sweeter and you can consume their skins, which have added nutritional benefits.”

Maybe just enough to make you feel like a superhero, too? —Lisa Elaine Held

Kiwiberry Chia Smoothie

Healthy Harlequin
(Photo: Healthy Harlequin)

1 frozen banana
1/4 cup of chia seeds, soaked
1/2 mango
6–8 kiwiberries
1 cup spinach
1 cup coconut water
1/4 cup pear or pear cider
Sprinkle of cardamom seeds, toasted and ground*
Juice of half a lime

Blend, and enjoy!

*The cardamom’s flavor is coaxed out of the seed pods by toasting them, which Chapman likes to do with the seed pod on, before opening them up and grinding them.

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