My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Holly Perkins

The celebrity strength-training guru shares her recipe for the perfect, simple green smoothie.

Holly Perkins When a friend’s mom signed Holly Perkins up for a dance aerobics class in the sixth grade, no one had a clue it would lead to an eventual career as a crazy-ripped fitness guru.

Now Perkins, a credentialed celebrity fitness pro, regularly appears on the likes of “The Today Show,” CNN, and in the pages of pubs like SELF and Harper’s Bazaar to coach women on how they transform their bodies. (Hint: It involves lifting weights.)

Here, Perkins shares her recipe for a simple, wholesome green shake that’s rooted in the idea that sometimes when it comes to wellness, the most basic things—eating right, clocking cardio time, and strength-training—can lead to the biggest results. —Jamie McKillop

Back-to-Basics Avocado Green Smoothie

½ organic cucumber
½ avocado
4 big leaves fresh, organic kale
¼–½ peeled lemon
2 or 3 ice cubes

Combine, blend, drink!

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