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My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Jill Platner

The cult-favorite jewelry designer beloved by (celebrity) yogis leads a super green-juice-loaded lifestyle. Here's her go-to recipe.
Jill Platner jewelry designer green juice lover
Jill Platner, jewelry designer and green juice lover.

You’ve likely seen several striking pieces from the cult-favorite jewelry designer dangling off your favorite celeb yoga teacher’s wrist or neck.

Jill Platner has a huge following for her chic and sculptural work, and that she has healthy fans is no surprise.

The New Yorker leads a super green-juice-loaded lifestyle. “I am a green machine, and if I don’t eat or drink loads of greens in a day, my equilibrium and energy level are just completely thrown off. I learned in my 20s that if I don’t put good food into my body and exercise regularly, that I just don’t feel good. So I just made it all a part of my life,” she says. Here’s the recipe for Platner’s green juice staple. —Melisse Gelula

The Platner Purifier

Put all the ingredients into a Vitamix, then fill the Vitamix with water. Green and delicious. Enough to drink it all day long! If I’m on the go, I’ll bottle it to take with me.

1 head of parsley (I hand pick the green tender ends off and don’t use the stalks)
A few leaves of dandelion greens or kale
A pinch of grated ginger (I use a lot because I like it spicy)
Juice of 1 lemon or lime
Tiny bit of honey
Tiny bit of Celtic sea salt
(Sometimes I also add grated turmeric, which is delicious!)

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