My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Jordan Brown

Hu Kitchen owner Jordan Brown delivers fresh, "pre-industrial" food to New Yorkers every day. Here, he shares the recipe for one of the healthy hot spot's best-selling juices.

Jordan Brown Jordan Brown, owner of Union Square’s Hu Kitchen, is a real-estate broker turned restaurant owner who’s passionate about feeding humans actual food. (Not food facsimiles in processed packages.)

After reading The UltraMind Solution, Brown had an aha moment that changed how he thought about food—and his career.

Now, with his whole-foods restaurant becoming a Union Square hot spot, Brown and his team are proving that “pre-industrial” diets are delicious and feasible.

Hu Kitchen’s juice line-up alone is reason to pay a visit. Lucky for us, however, Brown is sharing the recipe behind one of its best-sellers.

Organic Demi-Vert

3 fl. oz. organic kale juice
3 fl. oz. organic cucumber juice
3 fl. oz. organic granny smith apple juice
2 fl. oz. organic celery juice
Juice of one lime

Blend and enjoy!

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