My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Kathryn Budig

The nomadic celeb yogi thinks green juice should be a joy to drink, not just a health pursuit. So her recipe is one your taste buds and nutritionist will love.
Kathryn Budig
(Photo: Sharif Hamza for Under Armour)

Kathryn Budig is something of a celeb yogi nomad, traveling the globe with her yoga mat hitched under her arm as she leads retreats in destination spots like Tulum, Mexico, and guest-teaches classes at high-end yoga studios like Pure Yoga here in New York City—all the while hosting regular classes over a two-way video stream with Yogaglo.

Second to her love of yoga is food. And the young and accomplished Budig seeks out healthy, organic recipes wherever she can. Including a crazy-good green juice.

But don’t think Budig is one of those healthy foodies who claims that wheat grass tastes better than chocolate. She can also sympathize with those who think that green juice can be sometimes hard to swallow.

“I’ve always loved the amazing feeling and energy I’ve gotten from drinking them,” Budig says. “But not always the taste. The lemon and ginger give this juice a bright kick that makes it a joy to drink.”

Here, Budig shares her go-to recipe for a delicious Ginger Joy Green Juice that appeals to both juicing vets and those looking to slowly ease themselves into the health-boosting habit. —Jamie McKillop

Ginger Joy Green Juice

2 to 3 cups fresh spinach
2 to 3 cups fresh kale
4 stalks celery
1 lemon with peel on
1 inch fresh ginger with skin on
1 apple

Juice and enjoy!

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