My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Simona Deifta

We're calling this super-slushy banana, spirulina, and spinach smoothie a game-changer.
frozen green smoothies
When you blend frozen banana and pineapple chunks with greens it turns out icy, says Green in London’s Simon Deifta.

The only thing better than a green juice or smoothie this time of year? A super icy version.

Latvia-born and London-living Simona Deifta, 20, created this awesome healthy Slurpee that has actual health benefits. It caught our eye on Instagram‚ where she posts all kinds of cute, creative recipes under the name Green in London—since it’s not every day you see super-frozen broccoli and spinach look so damn appealing.

Deifta is a former professional ballroom dancer and is currently a student who loves to experiment with smoothie recipes between classes and visiting the city’s wellness hotspots, like Roots & Bulbs and aerial yoga. She’s come to seriously appreciate how greens in any state—raw, sauteed, frozen—create a healthy relationship with food. “I don’t need to fight my appetite,” she says.

Her friends, who are often the lucky taste-testers of Deifta’s concoctions, call this super-frozen smoothie a game changer.” We were thinking the same thing, too. Blend it up and let us know your smoothie feedback. —Molly Gallagher

Frozen Green Smoothie
Blend and enjoy!

1 frozen banana
Handful of frozen pineapple
1 cup coconut water
4 dates
Handful of broccoli
Handful of spinach
Scoop of hemp protein
1 Tbsp of spirulina
1 Tbsp of chlorella
Juice from 1/2 a lime
Chia seeds (optional)
Agave or maple syrup (optional, for extra sweetness)

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