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We admit to a small obsession with Spiritual Gangster’s cool yoga tanks, and now to the founder’s stamina-boosting green smoothie.
Spiritual Gangster yoga tank Vanessa Lee green juice recipe
Lee and her new “Love is My Religion” tank.

Vanessa Lee, founder of super-cool, yoga-fashion brand Spiritual Gangster, has been practicing yoga for 15-plus years (hence the killer inversion).

To keep up with her practice, her four kids (ages 2 months through 15 years), and creating new collections a couple times a year, Lee starts her day with green juices and smoothies. “They make me feel amazing and are an easy way for me to get a ton of nutrients.”

If that means more energy to create yoga tanks we’ll want to wear to class obsessively, we’re good with that. Here Lee gives us her go-to recipe:

The Spiritual Gangster Green Smoothie

Blend and enjoy!

One packet Vega One Nutritional Vegan Shake
A big handful of kale
One banana, fresh or frozen
Lots of ice
1/2 cup of water (or so)

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