My Five Beauty Obsessions: Alessandra Meskita

The Brazilian designer, who looks for the beauty in everything—the ocean, her yoga practice—let us look at the beauty-enhancing products on her dressing table.

Alessandra Meskita Alessandra Meskita is the designer of her self-titled fashion and lifestyle brand, MESKITA.

A collection of lingerie and swimwear to shoes and home accessories, MESKITA (with its first flagship store opening in Beverly Hills any minute now) is inspired by “progressive modernity and quiet luxury,” the native Brazilian says.

But more than just a clothing and accessories designer, the modelesque Meskita is the type of person whose tries to find beauty in everything.

“In my business, you must not only make people look beautiful, it’s more important they feel beautiful from the inside,” she says. “My tagline is to wear love, light, truth, honor, and respect at every occasion.”

That’s a big reason Meskita starts her daily inner-beauty routine practicing yoga, riding her bike through Central Park, or hiking Runyon Canyon, depending on her location.

Cosmetically, she describes her beauty style as “alluring, seductive, and mysterious” while still maintaining a natural look.

Here are the five products, which Meskita says do just that. —Jamie McKillop

1. Guerlain L’Art et la Matiere, Angelique Noire Eau de Parfum ($250) This most classic European scent, which adds some timeless elegance to my repertoire.

2. Cowshed Shampoo and Conditioner ($22, $25) I first discovered this line at Soho House. The high amount of premium quality essential oils in them provides the therapeutic benefits I need with all of the traveling and stress I put my hair through.

Cowshed 3. Pratima Nourishing Essential Oil ($36) Three drops a day keeps any need for Botox away! This is a sensual and luxurious daily skin-care treatment that promotes balance. I think it would work for any skin type. It feeds my skin and addresses any signs of aging. I follow this with a few spritzes of rose water. There is nothing better.

4. Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops ($10) I have allergies, and it took me forever to find a sting-free formula to relieve itching and burning eyes, which are not pretty. Now I would never use anything else.

Pratima Pearl Cream 5. Pratima Rejuvenating Pearl Cream ($40) This is my go-to deeply hydrating cream, which naturally minimizes appearance of lines, promotes cell renewal, and reduces redness and brings illumination to my skin.


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