My Five Beauty Obsessions: Amanda Chantal Bacon

Yes, green juice gets a lot of the credit for the Moon Juice founder's glow. But the cool, Los Angeles beauty likes these indie skin-care salves and oils, too.
(Photo: Emily Weiss/Into The Gloss)
(Photo: Emily Weiss/Into The Gloss)

Since Amanda Chantal Bacon left fine-dining kitchens and food journalism and turned her culinary eye on the Norwalk press, the Los Angeles juice scene hasn’t been the same.

She quietly founded Moon Juice, the first cold-pressed, 100 percent organic juice bar in Venice. And now, a decade and another location later in Silver Lake, she’s synonymous with the booming LA juice scene and a card-carrying wellness cognoscenti.

We’ve expanded to include an entire range of nut and seed milks infused with special ingredients like collodial silver to macuna,” she says. “We have fermented foods, raw and sprouted foodie snacks, and the list keeps growing.”

In fact, that list now includes medicinal-grade holistic beauty elixirs, which Bacon curated in conjunction with an herbalist. They form the basis of her personal skin-care regimen, along with green juice all day long, of course, and a few cherished skin-care salves and oils.

Given her fixation with fresh, organic veggies, this glowing wellness mixologist isn’t using Cetaphil anytime soon, but opts for indie, Ayurvedic, and all-natural options instead, even collaborating on brightening serums with Odacite. Here’s what Bacon slathers on every morning before she heads off for the, well, Moon. —Jamie McKillop

1. Jiva Apoha 1967 Body Oil ($120) I use this beautiful oil all over my body. I love this brand because founder Angela Shore uses all organic ingredients and blends using classic Ayurvedic principles.

2. Eco Botanica Jojoba Bead Scrub ($23) Made by Guru Darshan who sources all organic materials, this product is so hydrating and nourishing to the face. It has organic beeswax beads which have a smooth surface and do not scratch the skin. She also chants into each and every product.

3. Pratima Sandalwood Soothing Lotion ($25) I use this miracle worker if I have a pimple, bug bite, etc. This entire line is organic using traditional Ayurvedic methods.

4. Moon Juice Beauty Dust ($65) I have a serving in warm water every evening as my nightcap. It’s a blend of powdered tonifying herbs based on an ancient formula. It works by calming the nerves, increasing collagen and silica production, and firming tissue, while both hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails, from the cells out.

5. Simply Divine Botanicals Reviltalizing Sandalwood Elixir ($40) This all round salve is great on chapped lips, dry patches..even around the eyes. It’s made with 24K gold infused with cold pressed oils, organic spices, and herbs.

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