My Five Beauty Obsessions: Anne Nelson Sanford

The perfumer and beauty aficionado's own product faves contain the perfect mix of science and eco-credentials.
Nelson Sanford has been hard at work over the last year developing a new ground-breaking pure essential oil Eau De Toilette that uses USDA organic, 100 percent natural, triple distilled cane alcohol (as opposed to the more common toxic denatured alcohol), non-GMO Vitamin E and a food-grade, USDA organic compliant preservation system that contains wild thyme, wild marjoram, and other proprietary, natural ingredients, bridging the gap between synthetic luxury perfumery and natural fragrance.
Anne Nelson Sanford, perfumer and organic beauty aficionado (Photo: Lurk)

When it comes to beauty products, Anne Nelson Sanford, self taught perfumer and founder of Lurk Natural Fragrances, likes to geek out on pure ingredients and find clever, gorgeous uses for them. “I’m driven to create products that transcend the traditional concept of green fragrance and beauty,” she says.

“So, as a product developer, when I find something new and exciting, I immediately check out the deck [ingredient list] to see what’s going on inside the bottle.” She does that for products she sources for her Lurk beauty and fragrance boutique in Sag Harbor, and her very own medicine cabinet.

What’s in it? “My beauty routine is really more of a quest for incredible natural skin care mixed with innovation and creativity,” says Nelson Sanford. “I’m pretty beauty obsessed so it never gets old. Watching natural skin care evolve and cross over into the mainstream is really something that gets me excited.”

Here are her top-rated finds that contain the perfect mix of science and eco-credentials. —Rachel Marlowe

active_enzyme_exfoliator 1. Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator ($30)
I came across Josh Rosebrook’s products while looking through Japanese Vogue late last year. I was immediately drawn in and Googled the brand and creator. I absolutely love his philosophy and he is beyond talented with formulations. I use the Enzyme Exfoliator twice a week and the results have been incredible. My skin is transformed and I feel that the rest of my products are better absorbed and function more effectively due to this product.

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver 2. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver ($90)
This correcting mask does it all! It addresses breakouts, detoxes the skin, abates dryness, increases circulation, and addresses inflammation. I found it while shopping at the James Corbett Studio here in New York City a few years ago, and I have used it twice a week religiously since. The results are visible, and I love it so much that I carry it at my flagship boutique in the Hamptons.

Binchotan charcoal body scrub towel 3. Binchotan Charcoal Towel ($18)
I was in Philadelphia recently and basically jumped in front of oncoming traffic when I spotted the Rikumo shop on 13th Street so I could check out their wares. They carry all of the Morihata Charcoal line. I was familiar with their sponges (awesome for face) but I came away with this ingenious towel that’s dual sided, one soft and the other a bit more textured for exfoliation, and is infused with activated charcoal. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’m hooked.

La Bella Figura radiant blush 4.  La Bella Figura Radiant Creme Blush in Just Jenna ($36)
The pigments are insane in these all-natural makeup formulations, and they look and feel incredible on the skin. The creme blush can also be used on the lips as a tint and it contains a myriad of skin-loving ingredients to hydrate and nourish. I use this shade to look instantly pulled together and refreshed.

5. Laurel Eye Balm ($60)
Laurel_Organic_EyeBalm I’ve been starting to notice some crepe-yness and fine lines around my eyes. But I find it’s hard to get oils to absorb into the skin around the eye area. Fortunately this balm works for me where nothing else has, and it gives my skin a super supple look and feel. It’s pretty miraculous.

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