My Five Beauty Obsessions: Tal Winter and Kate Cutler

(Photo: Bkr)
(Photo: Bkr)
Tal Winter and Kate Cutler, founders of “beauty essential” Bkr—that’s pronounced “beaker.” (Photo: Bkr)

Tal Winter and Kate Cutler are the women behind Bkr, the chic, eco-conscious water bottle brand carried by women in SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp classes from coast to coast.

“Every place we went to we were drinking out of plastic water bottles,” Winter says. “We thought, ‘We’re fashionable women. Why are we drinking out of trash?'”


They officially launched Bkr (which, for the record, is pronounced “beaker”) in 2011, wrapping small glass bottles in silicone casings so they wouldn’t shatter in your purse and offering a rainbow of color options. Bkr now comes out with a new collection every season, and the hues are inspired by fashion runways (so they perfectly complement your deep blue leggings).

One big thing Winter and Cutler have noticed since they’ve basically started drinking water for a living? Drastic improvements in their skin, which they say go way deeper than a facial moisturizer ever could. “If you’re not drinking enough water, there’s no point in anything that you’re doing,” Winter says.

Still, they do toss potent skin-care products into their bags alongside the bottles. Here are the ones the chic, healthy businesswomen are using right now. —Jamie McKillop

rms-beauty-oil-z Winter:

1. RMS Beauty Beauty Oil ($74) It works like magic—brightening and super hydrating. If I need a facial but don’t have the time (and I seriously never have the time), I use this when my skin just needs a lift. I wash my face and put a nice layer on. It goes well under makeup and feels so rejuvenating. My skin is more even and hydrated—it keeps the water in.

2. Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil ($82) This is a lifesaver. I put it everywhere, from my hair, to my elbows, to my toes.

Kahina Cutler:

3. Dior Diorshow Mascara in Catwalk Black ($25) This is exactly what you want in a mascara—dark dramatic lashes and the perfect thing to wear when I wear no other makeup. I’m not into tons of makeup, it’s more that I want my skin to look great. This goes on without clumps and leaves my lashes long and black with a super soft scent. Plus you feel spoiled when you buy it, it just feels good to unwrap.

4. Bkr 1 L Water Bottle in Tutu ($42) This ballet pink big bkr helps me to stay hydrated all day at work. It’s twice as big as the 500 mL. I keep it on my desk and fill it twice—a great reminder to stay hydrated.

Midnight Recovery 5. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($70) This leaves my dry skin silky smooth, and is always part of my nighttime ritual. I put it all over my face, and the skin just drinks it in and is left super smooth and soft.

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