My Five Beauty Obsessions: Eden Sassoon

As someone around beauty products her whole life, the daughter of hair legend Vidal Sassoon only has time for the ones that really make a difference.
Eden Sassoon
(Photo: Eden Sassoon)

“I was brought up around products, products, products,” says Los Angeles native Eden Sassoon.

As the daughter of legendary hairdresser Vidal Sassoon and his second wife, actress Beverly Sassoon, she couldn’t avoid beauty products if she tried.

Certainly, hair care—the tools of her dad’s trade—were ubiquitous, but her mother matched his obsession in the skin-care and makeup department. “My mom’s bathroom was stunning. There was product everywhere,” says Sassoon, remembering. “I was in awe.”

Like so many childhood infatuations, the awe she felt in the presence of products faded when she grew older. “Sometimes I’ve been like, I don’t want anything,” she says, craving a more minimalist medicine cabinet.

Sassoon has found her happy medium, embracing her family’s beauty and wellness legacy (her parents published the book A Year of Beauty and Health in 1976 with prophetic protein shake and yoga recommendations), by opening hair, makeup and nail destination Eden by Eden Sassoon and Pilates studio Pilates Plus by Eden Sassoon in Los Angeles, both of which give her a voice that honors her father, who died in 2010, and her own beauty truth.

“If I find something that isn’t all natural and organic and that product works for me, I’m going to use it. If I find something that is, great,” she says. “When it comes to beauty products, it really has to resonate with me.”

Here, Sassoon shares the beauty products that make a difference in her life. “If I’m putting it on, then it has to have a purpose,” she emphasizes. “How much energy do you want to put into a product that doesn’t have a purpose?” —Rachel Brown

1. Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser ($40)
When I wake up in the morning, I’m thirsty and that leads me to hydration. You need to be replenishing from the inside and hydrate yourself. My skin feels dry, too. The tops of my hands as I get older are dry. Even my knees get dry. I lather myself in this product. I just want to be dipped in it. My mom would tell me, don’t forget these areas because as you get older, they get dry. She was right.

Goldfaden MD sun visor
(Photo: Goldfaden Skincare)

2. Goldfaden MD Sun Visor ($45)
I use sunscreen because I’m told to. This product makes me feel protected. It’s oil-free, and I can use it after my foundation. It feels like it sets my face. Sometimes I don’t put on extra sunscreen, and that’s bad, really bad. If you don’t start early with sunscreen, it’s no joke. My dad had a lot of hyperpigmentation. It’s hereditary, though, and there’s only so much you can do.

Josie Maran argan oil
(Photo: Josie Maran)

3. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48)
It has vitamin E and essential fatty acids and feels healing and conditioning. You can use it as an all-over product, and I like products that you can use everywhere.

4. Egyptian Magic ($26)
I have one on my coffee table. I have one on my nightstands, and I have one in my bag. If you get dirty and you need to wipe something off, it works. When my kids fall down and they get scraped, it works. I can’t think of one thing it doesn’t do. I even put it on my belly for a digestive rub. I will use that product for anything I can think of.

La Bella Donna Pure Mineral Foundation
(Photo: La Bella Donna)

5. La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation ($55)
When I use foundation, because I have hyperpigmentation, I’ve got to go with my Chanel. Then I will go over it with this Loose Mineral Foundation. I don’t like a powder look. This foundation gives me a light feeling. I don’t feel clogged. I feel fresh, and it keeps the shine down.

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